does anyone honestly see any difference?





I’m so confused is my baby okay

I didn’t used to find him attractive but something about a guy revealing their vulnerability attracts me to them


  • Kai stans:  you kinda want to cuddle him but at the same time you want to do very inappropriate things with him
  • Tao stans:  you're never really sure who to ship him with because there are SO MANY CHOICES. also, second hand embarrassment
  • Sehun stans:  90% of the time you want to smack him in the face
  • Suho stans:  MUCH SECOND HAND EMBARRASSMENT. and the occasional UNF moment
  • Lay stans:  90% of them time you want to wrap him in a cocoon of blankets and feed him yummy things
  • D.O stans:  confused if he's the spawn of satan or a cute squishy. usually you think he's both (but the spawn of satan is stronger)
  • Kris stans:  ULTIMATE SECOND HAND EMBARRASSMENT. but also many moments that melt your heart
  • Baekhyun stans:  you little turd .____.
  • Chanyeol stans:  50% YES I WOULD BANG 50% OTL
  • Chen stans:  much troll. very much like Jongdae. also wants to smack him in the face.
  • Luhan stans:  our little deer :3 /The Lost Planet solo happens/ I cannot live life anymore ToT
  • Xiumin stans:  #xiuharem2k14

Thor & Captain America: The Avengers - Age of Ultron


Saeron teaching Sungyeol how to smile


this is better than any television show i have ever seen

  •  Leeteuk, do you remember when you first hugged the maknae and told him he had done well?
  •  Heechul, do you remember when Eunhyuk saved a spot for you in the choreography,because it wouldn’t be complete without you?
  •  Hangeng, do you remember when Heechul would always stay by your side, because you were his and he was yours?
  •  Yesung, do you remember when the other members picked on your because of your love for Philtrums?
  •  Kangin, do you remember how you helped Teukie lead the boys, and you acted as the shoulder for him to lean on?
  •  Shindong, do you remember how, in Attack On The Pin-Up Boys, Heechul stopped half way through filming a scene so that he could apologise for calling you fat, even though it was in the script?
  •  Sungmin, do you remember when Kangin spat coke all over your face during Intimate Note?
  •  Eunhyuk, do you remember how, when everyone avoided you that night on Inkigayo, Donghae stayed by your side?
  •  Zhou Mi, do you remember how Leeteuk went back on his promise to ELF of keeping Super Junior with 13 members so that you and Henry could join our family?
  •  Donghae, do you remember how Kibum protected and defended you when you were scared during Mystery Six?
  •  Siwon, do you remember how Hangengtook care of you like you were his brother, even though you both so strongly disagreed on religion?
  •  Ryeowook, do you remember how you were begged every morning by the members of your dorm to cook for them?
  •  Kibum, do you remember how Leeteuk promised to wait for you, like a mother would her son to return home?
  •  Kyuhyun, do you remember how Ryeowook was the only member who took care of you and accepted you when you first joined the group?
  •  Henry, do you remember how Leeteuk slapped you on the butt the first time you ever met him?
  •  ELF, do you remember how it began?
  •  ELF, do you remember how far we have come, and who we have lost on the way?
  •  But more importantly, ELF, will you remember to stay until the end?
  •  I WILL.


Robert Downey Jr. nicknames Chris Evans “Dorito”.


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